It worked OK on my phone, but looked rubbish via the Chromecast. Can’t be arsed to solve the issue since it’s on actual TV!


Shame. I enjoy Ronaldo most when he’s sulking. Don’t think that will happen tonight.


Only reason will be he didn’t get a hat trick


Hope Ramos can play again after the horrific foot injury.


After that cynical play acting he should be nursing a broken jaw


Mourinho will park the bus & shut them out in August :slight_smile:


Van Dijk snubs Chelsea & Liverpool to take the money at City. I must admit to being surprised when he went to Southampton and not one of the top 6 clubs.


If I was Sir Jose, I would get Sanchez and offload Rooney. We would definitely need another striker as well, as Ibra is questionable about how good he will be when he gets back and how long to get back. We can’t go into the new season with Rashford and another striker, we’ll need at least 3 + Ibra.


Not surprised, but obviously disappointed.


He’d have been a good signing for any English club at the moment. Maybe Spurs have slightly less need than the others.




Great news for Celtic as we get a 10% sell-on fee. £6m is still a lot of money in Scottish fitba.


Heard Roanldo’s interview after the game. He still an insecure little shitbag.


Hazard has broken his ankle while training for Belgium match.


That’s buggered his RM leanings for a bit.


Cheik Tiote has dropped dead at training at his new club in China. He was only 30. Reports are saying it was a heart attack.



Horrible news.


Heard on R5 on the way home. Awful.


Holy shit, if they pull this out of the fire it would be some statement of intent. It would be nice to see a real example of Klopp’s pulling power backed by the owners.

Still probably won’t happen :frowning:

Bit of a bad joke that the club’s record signing is still Andy Carroll - SIX years ago.


Wouldn’t it be cheaper in the long run to just buy Southampton FC?