Chelsea in for Sarr who plays Center Half for Nice. £36m quoted. They are also after Ox of Arsenal.




Yes, they’re welcome…:joy:

Btw the Chelski/Arse match is on ITV in 30 mins…


Any idea what time Arsenal are turning up?


Wow, we are getting taken apart!

I can’t see any improvement whatsoever from last season, and don’t think Lacazette had any decent touches on the ball whatsoever…


Good performance from the Chaps for their first game and even played the youngsters. Batshuayi looks useful and took his goals well and should stay for next season.


A screamer today must of woken up the silly offer


Chelsea are chasing Ausmane Dembele from B. Dortmund. This would be a tremendous signing if we pulled it off. :heart_eyes:


LOL, spain 78% possession, England win 2-0

Mind, we were a tad lucky.


He didn’t celebrate with much enthusiasm?

I can see him leaving, maybe not till next summer though, but if Barca feel it’s right for 25 year old Brazilian Neymar to have a buy out price of £190m I don’t see how they can expect to buy a 25 year old Brazilian of similar talent for half that.
And Coutinho has longer left on his contract too.

If we sell him for less than £140m then we have been stitched up.


Liverpool had 81% possession against Burnley and lost 2-0.:weary:


It does seem as though Barcelona are applying heavy pressure re Coutinho.

Good job ‘Liverpool aren’t a selling club.’


I believe Barca have lodged yet another bid at LFCs asking price of £89M, thus using some of the Neymar money. LFC need cash to buy a centre half and a defensive midfield player.


Things going well for Chelsea against Bayern so far

3-0 down in 27 minutes :smiley:

(pulled one back before HT)


Wouldn’t sell them a virus.


Man. U 0 v Barca 1 :grin:


Apparently we will at £133million


I see the Chavs lost 2-1


How to deal with Barca and Real Scumbags when they tap up your players.

  1. Think up a price that is fair market value for the player.
  2. Add Euro80M to the price.
  3. Watch all the stories in La Marca etc… saying he wants to come to Barca/Real Scum for two weeks.
  4. Plant stories with La Marca etc… saying you are after two of their best players and then offer them 200% wage increases to come to your club via their agent.
  5. Repeat every 6 months.

De Gea not being sold, fuck you Real Scumbags.


Hmmmm, going to be an interesting season, imagine what happens if we have a bad game!

Btw have Spurs bought anyone, or is Levy just putting the money in the stadium? :sweat_smile: