Great Chelsea win. Hazard and Morata were outstanding but really whole side gave a brilliant performance all round. Left it late though should have finished them off earlier.


One of chelseas best wins in Europe


Surely if anyone beats PSG,they will win the CL.


I missed 80% of the United match as two of my daughters pitched up, caught the highlights and we seemed to be in control.

I thought MBappe for PSG was outstanding, Scumbags Madrid have missed out big time.


Ancelotti sacked by Munich. Perhaps they want permanetly second man Klopp?


Happy to have him at the Arse…:pray:


Clearly Bayern are worried about Celtic’s visit in 3 weeks. :joy:


Everton really are wank this season. Can’t even manage the game for the last 5 minutes against 10 men.


Manager buy’s too many players, the team shape and tactics disintegrate.


Not unlike United for the last few seasons then? It is early yet, lets see how it goes. We’re still short three or four of our best players through injury.


As likely?


United have bought 3 players this summer and 4 last summer and none in the winter window. Compare that to 13 (?) that Everton bought in the last window?



Aguero out for a while. Will possibly have an effect on Saturday’s match with Chelsea not to mention the course of the title race. I wonder if City will be happy that he was starting a journey back from Amsterdam at 11pm on a Thursday when he has one of their most important matches in the season happening on the Saturday



Mendy is out for a few months as well


Not sure it’s that wise for Hazzard to be filmed mocking City players.


and the rest in all likelihood - ruptured ACL


I expect the ref to be busy on Saturday.