nice, 23 minutes gone, Huddersfield 0 - Spurs 3


Crystal Palace could have been 6 down by now, Woy is not working the old fart.


He needs to work on channelling the Dark Side…


4-0 ok you can stop now.


I had 4-1 on the basis Palace might score eventually. How wrong/stupid I was…


Palace to go down based on this form. Awful, awful side.

West Ham sneak a win shocker.


Bollocks! When I checked I had it as 3-0.
5 correct results but no correct scores yet. Grrr.


Had 4-0 hurray


Can’t get used to City playing in red. City 2-0 for me.


Think i did 1-1.


Been a while…

But I think I picked the right match to dust off my shared season ticket.

Harry Redknap is well out cos Birmingham where as bad as Hull were good!


City by far the better team, they totally bossed the Chavs, who lacked pace and penetration.


Happy enough wi that.


4 wins in a row for Villa :slightly_smiling_face:. Wolves away after the pointless break, can’t wait.


You’ll do ok with him. Never be world beaters but you may just go up!


Agree. Might go up, but he’ll never establish us back in the greed league - need a different coach for that job.


Dave’s a bit quiet…:wink:


Coolio enjoying himself at Paradise today.


I’m here James just letting a very poor performance sink in. I picked City to win the league and we will be top 4. Back to the drawing board.


I expect you’ll sign another ten players in Jan and loan 9 of them out. Should be good for 4th place :+1: