Like I said… picked a good one to turn up to!
Should give you some local wind up opportunities.


Chelsea were always going to find it less easy once they had to factor in their European commitments. They had pretty much a clear run at it last year.


The squad is not up to the standard of Man City or United and they did look a bit leggy. Hopefully some of the signings will improve but we still need 3 or 4 new (top class) players.


Barca match to be played behind closed doors.

Disgusting to watch Police hitting peaceful Firemen


Aaaaaaand AOC is still on the bench.


How much did they pay for him again?


Somewhere between Β£35-40m. One year left on contract; doesn’t do anything.


Fuckin’ 'ell. Stoopid wages on top of that as well.

I despair at what a fucking shambles modern life has become when wealth at that scale is pissed up the wall and written off, and for what benefit :roll_eyes:


It’s good to see that CR7 is keeping the impoverished artisans at Bugatti in gainful employment.

I think this is the second in his collection.


Looks like his lad has crayoned β€˜CR7’ into the headrest too. That’s going to be a hefty valet bill.




Trickle down innit :laughing:


Another game pissed up a wall. 6th this year.


They will keep coming I’m sure, 6 players lost in transfer gossip and FIFA 18…


Two shots on target from Liverpool wasn’t good but as a Newcastle fan I’m very happy with the point.

A couple of times I thought it was a definite goal for Liverpool but somehow it didn’t go in. Very nearly a great tackle on Joselu for our goal and I thought it was a great finish until I saw the replay!


Jim’s a bit quiet…


At least they got a point!


Stop sucking up to the oldies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Morata out for 6 weeks! :triumph: