General election 8th June


Not a facebook media headline. That is from the Guardian website.


He’s currently helping to prop up the government, but here is what one of the actual DUP MPs used to get up to:


Even worse if they are getting it wrong.


Bollocks to the DUP, she is now in hock to Sinn Fein for Christ’s sake. Adams has already said he will be seeking the best deal he can achieve and no doubt he will play the “I’ll collapse the peace talks” card if he doesn’t get what he wants.


Or make some veiled threat to take up their seats in Westminster and fuck up the whole new ‘alliance’


Heard the SF spokesman earlier today saying they’ve no intention of taking up their seats as they actually stand for these elections on a pledge not to and also he did point out that SDLP MP’s who had gone to Westminster last time had lost their seats this time.

I do think John Major is right on this issue. A link with the DUP goes against the ethos of the Good Friday agreement where the government was supposed to be a neutral element but can’t be now the DUP is a part of it. Theresa May didn’t need to enlist the DUP, they’d always have voted with the Tories & against Corbyn who they despise.


Indeed, they will not take up their seats, but TM is so insecure that the mere threat of it will probably bring her out in hives

However, if SF believe they are being shafted by the Con/DUP ‘alliance’ you never know what they might do. I suspect the SF supporters ‘may’ possibly stomach it then



Tim Farron’s statement. What a fucking wanker.


Pleased to be seeing less of him. Hopefully he is going to dedicate his life to Jesus.


How can otherwise rational people get duped into believing such wank?


You mean voting lib dem?


I’d have an easier time believing in the Bible than Labour’s economics.


Because austerity (now apparently abandoned) has been a terrific success since 2010. :grinning:

Trust us on the economy. LOL.


Do you think she could U-turn as far as the left wing? I wouldn’t put it past her, now she’s seen how some people like progressive politics.


She’s awaiting further instructions from Dacre & Murdoch but they haven’t figured out what to do yet & Tuscany beckons.


One does not preclude the other. Bit aside from that, I think they have done OK.


Sadly what neither party seems to have a plan for is halting our long term post industrial decline and any kind of plan for growth and prosperity in the future.


Who in their right mind ever thought that water should be privatised?

PS - Sorry about the source of this story.


Macquarie are basically a bunch of rapists. Their record is appalling on everything except the bottom line.