General election 8th June


Interesting reports in the Guardian that Hammond and Rudd want a ‘jobs first’ Brexit (i.e. stay in the common market/customs area) while Fox, May and others want to stick with ‘controlling borders’ and therefore a hard Brexit. Indications are that there are threats to resign from cabinet.

Not much of a surprise then. Hopefully, the DUP agreement won’t fuck up the GFA and the Barnett formula funding agreement for the rest of us because the Tory Party looks set to feed upon each other.

The Barnett formula thing is really dull but very important. Unless the Goverment do something to circumvent it, spending an extra £1 in Norn Iron will mean the Treasury will have to spend a little bit less that £34 in the rest of the UK to maintain fairness. I’ve asked a research wonk to explain the Barneet formula in writing in two paragraphs as I couldn’t deal with the level of murderous intent I felt following his verbal explanation by phone this morning.

Effectively, Mrs May might need a magic money orchard if she wants to pay the DUP without shafting everyone else, which we can’t see her MPs in marginal seats agreeing to.


Pretty much all of us at the time. No one was prepared to spend public money and tax us more to invest the billions required in our water systems. As with all publicly owned industries, successive government of all hues had failed to invest and we kept voting them back in.


John Major’s bastards still being decisive twats then, what a surprise.




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