General election 8th June


Yes indeed.


There’s evidence that he wouldn’t in that situation then?


Your implication is that she would “do it for the lolz”. Whose argument has more credibility?


Is this 1 and a half billion paid up front?

What happens if May is booted out in the Autumn and there is another GE?


Around £400-500m, iirc. The agreement is between the parties, so it continues if they have a leadership election and she loses.


I’ve yet to see any politician do something for nothing… :roll_eyes:


I’m not making any claims, you are. The burden of proof is with you.


It’s a hypothetical situation, you Mork.


Sturgeon would surely do a Clegg and get deputy PM, rather than a bribe? And a few policy insertions like a referendum.

The whole thing about bunging money is just loathsome. Although to be fair, I think is rather give the DUP money than have their policies.


It’s going to the national assembly, not the DUP. Which is why Sinn Fein are keeping relatively quiet about it.


It still drives a coach and horses through previous devolvement financial policies, austerity and Tory integrity though. Although I’m not sure the latter is really a thing.


Is that meant for me?


That’s how replies work.


Think they promised more than that, students were hoping for a Cleggy write off. Not sure of the cost


Ok. Instead of being a smart arse why not read whats going on?

A claim was made with no mention of it being ‘hypothetical’. I asked the poster to justify his position which he has thus far refused or been unable to do.

So it’s not hypothetical at all it’s a conversation you cunt.


Yes,just think the chart is just showing what could have been done with the 1 and a half bill


Corbyn is not in a position to deal with Sturgeon, therefore the situation is hypothetical. We have put forward the claim that, in such a situation, he would make significant monetary concessions to the SNP in order to gain their support.

There is no “burden of proof” because, once again, it’s a hypothetical situation.

This is the only contribution you have made in the past week that has any merit.

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I’m sorry that you find being an idiot frustrating.


You will get both in the sense that we’ve already paid up and they will veto anything not approved by their interpretation of the Old Testament.