In the market for an arm for a delphi mk4


Hello all, I’m new here, not sure of the etiquette yet.

A neighbour lent me his sme V while he sinks his lenco into a block of slate the size of a mini metro.

I was shocked how much better my system sounded. I want a good arm now.

sme prices seem a little high these days plus many a review saying the sme comes off worse in comparison with arm whatever.

considering the following as candidates :

sme iv or v
audiomods series 5
funk fx3
graham phantom
Morch DP8,
Wilson Benesch Nanotube (or whatever WB turns up s/h)
Origin Live Enterprise (never seen one s/h though yet)

Anybody had a delphi and tried any of those ?



Don’t worry, there isn’t any :stuck_out_tongue:



I ran a Delphi 5 with a Graham Phantom on it for many years. A excellent sounding combo :+1:


Hi randombeliefs.

I don’t have ownership experience, but a very good mate of mine has a Delphi and has arm swap fever. I’m round at his fairly often so heard a few iterations of its development.

He used to have the Audiomods 5 and it was excellent, really suited the deck, sonically and aesthetically. He’s currently got a Kuzma Stogi Reference on it, and to me it does sound very good, possibly a bit better, subjectively, than the Audiomods, but doesn’t look anywhere near as good. He prefers it though and says it’s a keeper.

And that exhausts my knowledge on the subject.


I have a Delphi III with an SME V but would consider an Audio Note Arm 3 as an alternative. Some even prefer the AN to the V. I have an AN on my Gyro SE but don’t have a suitable armboard on the Delphi to compare them unfortunately.
When I first bought the Delphi I had decided to go for an Audiomods when the V came up for sale.

Jim;s Graham arm did sound excellent on his Delphi V.



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Brilliant thanks. I forgot about the Kuzma , good idea. I do fancy the visual match of polished audiomods on the delphi. Plus the relatively modest price appeals :slight_smile: thanks Rob


Tom Evans suggested the phantom to me.

He said he’d have one if he didn’t have an excaliber with its nose in the townshend trough


Thanks. I don’t think I’ve read anything bad about the graham now i come to think of it. Hadn’t thought about AN , cheers for that.


Thanks Jim . Did you keep the arm ?




As an owner of a V and an FR64s I’d choose the FR.


Yes, sort of… I now have a 12" Phantom on a Kronos.


Haven’t you got any mirrors in your place then? :rofl: