Logo competition


I believe Harrogate is free? I want a muffin though, free of charge, for gratis, no charge


Super mega meat man at 5% less than you can negotiate yourself, all for £25, no £20, no £15, no…


A Muffin? Right, I presume you want it delivered in a marble and chrome Astra too.



So the membership vote is just a sop and actually totally irrelevant, but gives the deluded a sense of belonging

Basically the admins just choice something they like.

If I have got this wrong in any way please feel free to correct me :slight_smile:

Have alcoholics anonymous trademarked their logo? If not, that will do



But slim pickings so far.

Must try harder.

And actually read the fucking requirements, dipshits.


And in an open call out to the membership you expected what exactly?


What makes the forum interesting is the feeling of impermanence. The knowledge that it could disappear at any moment through some act of chance or incompetence. A misplaced finger or an angry flounce. It should be read as Jewish people celebrate Passover, with bags packed and coats on. That is the signature, not some frivolous piece of graphic art that will grow old and tired. :grinning:



I did think of a picture of a cat being dissected, representing the internet, slaughter, and poor taste, all in one image. The ones I found just made me a bit queasy though, so I didn’t bother.



Do it yourself then monohornboy


Meh, needs more pork…or swearing…






Lol, my new title. :joy:



Less butthurt for a start :rolling_eyes: