Meat packaging


No doubt this will be another “lost art” in a generation or 2.

Although i’d never be able to get a made to measure suit,i hate the thought of skilled craftsmen becoming redundant whatever the trade is.


It is hard to say whether it will be lost altogether, I do think that standards are generally falling and that is mostly because the trade hasn’t trained enough people to a high enough standard and those people are now passing those standards on. If people don’t know what the real thing looks like, how can they make it? The biggest houses have let themselves down as far as quality goes for years, through a mixture of neglect and ego and they are mostly the only places training.
I also think that Savile Row has an image problem and is hopeless at PR. Having said all that, There are plenty of customers about and certain places on the street are very busy.

I am trying very hard to do my bit, I have a couple of young people working with me at the moment and I am doing my best to set a good example. I want to make the stuff as stylish and in as traditional a way as is possible.


There’s a couple of bespoke tailors not far from me in Lambs Conduit Street. They always seem busy. Do you know anything about them?


Simms And MacDonald and Connock And Lockie. Yes, I know them. I know Simms’ very well. A good friend of mine was a partner in the business and has now retired. Both offer real tailoring. :+1:


The clothes in the window certainly look very good. And I like that that they make on display rather than in a room that no one can see. Probably still out of my price range but good to see nonetheless


I should have popped a smiley after my post, 'twas meant in jest. Mind you, I can still remember my dad getting his shirts and safari suits made for him in Mombasa hen he was stationed out there in the 70s. The HK tailors were a Naval legend, it was almost mandatory to gt one if your ship called in. The laundry staff on the ships were all from HK and they would organise the whole thing.


I use a tailor in Hong Kong. I rarely need a suit these days, and at the moment I don’t have one.

But I have used the same people in HK for 25 years. The suits they make fit me very well, I always take my time and insist on multiple fittings. The workmanship seems ok and the longevity is fine.


His n hers Simon?


So if you got the same suit from a Savile Row tailor for 5k, how would you feel then?


I wouldn’t spend that much on a suit.


Sorry Bob, went over me 'ead! :blush:

Were the laundry staff on a backhander from the tailors do you think?


No doubt. the HK British Chinese who went to sea in every naval ship ran the Laundry, on board tailoring, on board cobblers, (tap tap and sow sow,yea I know) gambled like mad men and new every scam under the sun. I don’t think the navy uses them any more, but it used to be a family business, passed from father to son. They charged the crew direct for their services. I reckon half the tailors in HK were related.


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Hugo Boss then :smile:


beat me to it.


I know you’ve lost a bit of weight Neil, but there appears to be excessive arse sag happening there…

Nice Wellies too :heart_eyes:


You don’t know of any tailors in Edinburgh with a penchant for the totalitarian?


Yup. That was main reason I doubted it could be altered satisfactorily.

@Wayward I guess I could just have them cut that entire section out and wear them assless?


I think the ‘bag’ is on the hip, or should be…