Meat packaging


How much leeway is there in a good fitting suit for weight fluctuations?


In a bespoke suit there is perhaps 3 inches or more but in a ready to wear there is only a small amount in the trousers and usually almost nothing in the jacket.


Taking a suit in is possible of course…


Think it would be possible to have my current one taken in, to tide me over until I decide what to go for?


Elasticated waist :thumbsup:


I expect so but impossible for me to say for sure without seeing it. Put it on, get the missus to take some pics front back and side, post them and I’ll try and guide. Does the coat have side vents?


There are sensible reasons for putting vents in the trousers worn by most members of the AA, whatever about their coats.


it puts the lotion in the basket


Yes, I need one at the back, too :grin:


I’m tempted to knock up a batch of AA crimplene elasticated suits,i can see a market here.


Does crimplene exist anymore I wonder?


Not seen it since the 70s.
God knows why it went out of fashion when clobber like this was being made.


Last time it was seen in public was circa 95




Video nasty! :scream:


Oi ! The stereo I bought in Luton ( nice place I tell you) is perfectly nearly adequate.


What the world needs is cheap tailors. For three hundred quid Mr Tam in HK will knock you up a suit. Leather shoes, yours for £37.50 in the UK, I suspect from the far east.


Unfortunately the trade has been lost here and many other parts of the world. Mostly it is down to how people buy clothes these days-cheap and cheerful, chuck it when it is worn/you are bored with it. Also, the trade has suffered because young people want instant success and don’t want to spend years learning a craft. If there were more tailors, bespoke tailoring would be cheaper…

There are many tailors in Hong Kong and other places in the far East, they are cheap and quick and these are their main atttaction, their work isn’t necessarily fine and the fit may leave something to be desired. Some of the tailors visit the major cities here but I advise anyone to lower expectation if they want Savile Row standards (A lot of Savile Row doesn’t hit ‘Savile Row’ Standard! :sob:)
There are tailors in London who offer Chinese made suits and some of these are passing them off as London made. Basically fucking the trade in the arse. :angry:


That there is a top name for a band and a ready made cover for their first album


When we were in Vietnam last year, I had several shirts and a couple of pairs of shorts and trousers made. Narelle had 3 dresses and a pair of trousers made too.
I have no idea how good their skillz are as far as suits are concerned, but the care, styling, fit, fabric, and stitching on our stuff was as good as I have ever seen, regardless of cost.

Overall, we paid very little.

I plan to have a suit made next time we are there. I shall bring it into you Ritchie and let you critique their work.