Meat packaging


Rated The Worst


who can tailor some made to measure under garments?


Or Penance…


I was thinking of a designer one of these made to measure for a more corpulent figure. and cut from a finer fabric


Been ‘browsing’ the men’s catalogues again? :kissing:


It was Louise that suggested we might like to try something bespoke in the meat packaging department.


Pretty sure you posted that same pic on the wam a while back and blamed Louise then as well.



shshhhhhhhhhhh - I think that was the one with the lace trim which chaffed so we need something with cleaner lines…


Louise’s wouldn’t fit him…


Probably hasn’t stopped him trying though.


Errr…thanks? :wink: What were you picturing?

I see there’s a Reiss shop in Edinburgh

They look nice from their website. I notice no belt loops on the trousers


What about choice of material- the suit I bought when I was fat, that I never got the chance to wear was a nice, light material, it was comfy and breathable (not lycra, you cunts!)- no idea what though. Not linen I’m pretty sure.


When I was shirt shopping the assistant remarked on very square shoulders, but no idea if that’s a good, or weird, or bad thing :stuck_out_tongue: ???


could I have it please?


Well, from what I know of you, you are a death metal loving, gym bunny mamil :grinning: and somehow I didn’t picture you in a lightweight mohair bumfreezer fashion suit. I guess also because you are looking for a suit to rule them all and fashion is disposable. There is nothing wrong in that of course, it is the modern way, they are just probably not built to last.

I think you should try Reiss if that is the sort of thing you want, they have a couple of price points which are very good value and also do a made to measure iirc.


Only guessing but is it easier for the tailor to fit you and alter a suit if you have relatively square shoulders? I imagine sloping shoulders away from a pattern make it very hard to adjust the drop to the point of the shoulder, and the armpit too.


Just offer Richie £3K and beg a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you get stuck,i’m happy to have a go at making one out of some Ikea curtain material i have here.

Just looking to get back what i paid for it.


If not a suit, will it do for a couple of deck chairs?