New Year Bake - Saturday Jan 21st


Must have a fast shutter speed on the camera to get a shot of that lot. Picoseconds later I suspect even the pattern on the cake plate was gone!





A good spread.


Front room system with Nob inserted.


Surely not ? My eyes must be deceiving me. Surely that isn’t a Lindisfarne Album you be playing on your posh music centre ?


Yep, Edd brought it along…




Guilty as charged. Of course it was by no means the worst thing I played. I Robot went down a treat.


Looks like a great day. Any more hipster pics?


Thanks to Jim and family for hosting a great day of tunes, food and conversation. I think that’s the best that I’ve heard Jim’s system sound and the back room system wasn’t shabby either.



Just got back. That’s to Jim for hosting a great day. So good to see everyone again and just relax in good company and play some tunes.


Thanks Jim and family for another great day. Totally agree with Ian the best I have heard your system. The back room sounded great in all it different forms throughout the day. Good to see everyone and thanks to Wayne for transporting the Remton to it’s new owner for me.


Thanks Jim for another great bake off.


Just got home, thanks Jim and Family for another great day.


Many thanks to Jim & family for looking after us like kings. Great coffee & company, two adequate hifi systems, fabulous food… Oh, and Bmtell didn’t arrive in lycra. What’s not to like?!


What a great way to spend a Saturday.
Massive thanks to Jim and his family for inviting us and offering such awesome hospitality.

Two great systems, although I spent most of the day in the back room - found a comfortable spot and just chilled spinning tunes. No-one brought much music into the second room - I hope you didn’t suffer too much listening to my stuff?

As always, great to meet fellow slaughtermen.
Huge thanks to Nick for driving too - cheers mate.


I thought it was just lovely.


I just popped in for the food and the coffee which were both excellent.
Music and company were a great bonus :slight_smile:
Many thanks.


Cheers Jim and family, outstanding as ever!

High spot for me was Phil necking two bottles of red. At least the sloe gin seemed to slow him down!