Northants - Saturday 11 March


Any interest in a bake off on 1cr1 March?

Had planned to wait until house renovations all finished to hold my first bake off but life’s too short plus this way I have an excuse for the house being in a mess :smile:

Plan would be to leave my system in the listening room and hopefully rig up a turntable, I have an old micro seiki but no phono stage and no clue on set up. In the lounge could build a second system around the Avantgarde Finos, it is a bigger room and they should work well in there. I have a stand and some cables but nowt else.

I can sort out food and drink.

Not sure about numbers, probably cope with 12 or so.

Daytime say 10.30 to 6.v

Any interest?

Yes from
Chelsea Dave


Oooooh, yes please Pete :grinning:


yes please Pete

I can bring a phono stage (David Wright DIY battery) that is MM or MC (for IO)


Yes please…


Yerse please.


Yes, please, Pete.


Great, thanks


The alternative name for ZiggyMarley’s place…:grin:


Yes please Pete.


Yes please Pete


Yes please, happy to bring whatever, haven’t heard the Finos before.


Yes please!


Yes please Pete !


Can I be a maybe, will confirm within a week or less please?


A tentative yes please. Pending shift change.


If you need Bread Rolls for the day - Just ask


Yes please, thinking cold meat, pies and pickles


Would love to come Pete.


Great, I was hoping you might be able to help me get the Finos in to the other room. Scared to ask Erica as she got a spike in the leg when we carried them in from the car … went down well that.


Happy to help - though I’ve probably got less upper body strength than Erica.:joy: