Notes from a remote island


There’s an underground vault in Funzie?

Mr MWS won’t sleep a wink.


It’s very well guarded. Don’t even think about looking for it


Is that Sodders? I’m not sure because the axe is clean and he appears to have shed a bit of weight…






The crappy porch has now had a facelift. Just the rainwater goods to sort and the door to sand and paint and it is finished externally.

Inside it’s getting a liquid dpm, new skirting boards, new lino and a paint.


Isn’t that something that happens in a rhythm flick?


Funzie slang for Dominatrix?


Might be


"There is no replenishment, there are no trees here. "
My missus, who does ecology stuff, says its replenished by Spagnum Moss at the rate of a millimeter a year.


Indeed, I mistakenly thought trees were the main source

1mm per year is slow going though


As long as the rate of consumption is less than the replenishment, then it’s fully sustainable (I know, stating the obvious!) It sounds like they manage it well.


Can you plant trees in Funzie? I can’t imagine a landscape without trees. I could send you a cutting from the garden


Is it me? Or did you just post a picture of a cock?


Perhaps they should only let Rabski dig the peat & only then when he’s finished his 300B amp. 1mm a year will seem positively hasty.


That’s my cousin Colin, he’s OK actually but he can harp on a bit about running marathons.


It isn’t the case that there are NO trees, just little or none growing wild (there’s a small plantation at Kergord on the Mainland) People have them in their gardens, we have a few in ours now and we intend to plant at least 60 or 70 more over the next 12 months.


Excellent giant cockwood cuttings in the post


And those cocks will be firmly planted in the most fertile place I can find


I would advise against planting trees in the women folk of funzie, they may get cross and scream n’ stuff.