Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)


How far back are we talking when that was the done thing, the 80s?


My money’s on never, but it makes a good story. :relieved:


I guess it’s unsurprising that a tourist magnet such as Redcar seafront will run out of parking spaces but they do need to keep the lifeboat ramp clear as people are forever guzzling champagne & falling off the luxury yachts that moor in the bay during the summer months. Similar problem as in St Trop & Monaco really.


Indeed, id also like to know how the dealt with autos in park and manuals left in gear.


I suspect that if you had a few notes spare you wouldn’t have to go far in Redcar to find people who could ‘move’ almost any vehicle beyond the water’s edge for you.



Indeed. The assorted equerries, butlers and sundry yacht crew are always available to assist for a very modest fee.

Clearly the parking miscreants were out of towners. The locals would drive convertibles to get maximum benefit from the tropical weather, beautiful clean air, and magnificent scenery.


Not sure where to start but why is as good a place as any…


Doubt that would get an MOT with the restricted forward visibility… low bridges could be an issue too! :smirk:


I love Prog and I like that :heart_eyes:

But then I used to drag race (legally) and circuit race (licenced).


What…on Rupaul?


I’ll drag you Bruv :angry:



As if going to the dentist isnt bad enough, I came back to find this cunt parked next to our grotty old run-about Micra. Luckily I’m not physically impaired so was able climb in from the passenger side.

I managed to resist the temptation to smash my door into it (the micra’s bodywork is fucked up anyway so wouldn’t matter)


I’d have doored it.


Was directly opposite the parking meter and people were walking about, would have been quite risky. Had the circumstances been different…


Me too


I’d get that number plate sorted if I was you. Plod don’t like that sort of thing :wink:


Its not like that in real life, I used some photo editing software to hide the registration number prior to uploading the image.




You reckon?


(Not quite sarcasm admittedly)