Park like a cunt (and other driving fuckwittery)



This was posted on a group on facebook but too good not to share for it’s sheer fuckwittery


another bit of quality driving




Last night @coco unveiled a new way to park like a cunt. Park as far away from the cinema entrance as you can, despite there being many visible spaces much nearer and still really wide so you don’t have to try hard to park. Then when you emerge from the film, you get gently moistened as it’s started to rain.


Surprised that it wasn’t an Astra but then an Astra would likely have passed right through the cottage a little further off the ground.


Don’t you usually do the driving Adam? :grinning:


Unless he wants a ride in the Porker.


He’s not been in it. Chicken.


I did drive into a house in the early 90s. Luckily no one was hurt,but the woman who was sitting in the front room was expectedly very shaken


Or, alternatively, a very sensible man :grin:


This is @coco 's favourite :nauseated_face:


Neither have I :angry:


I have



are these the peril-sensitive glasses? :grinning:


No peril, just exhilaration


Lucky man! Looks as if there’s a queue forming


Indeed. I don’t know where that car sits on any Porsche scale of mentalness but it was certainly hairy enough for me!


Fingers firmly crossed they never give him the turbo version ! Joking apart though, it is an epic car, and was a real treat to go out for a drive :grinning:


Particularly special effort from a lorry on Monday at South Ruislip.

It had actually smacked the first bridge before can opening there.