Pork scratchings


You have to wait 8 weeks to get into BMW locally and get a courtesy car. Never mind, just ordered my new C class.


Good. I hope to fuck you will stop moaning now.


I was somewhat disappointed after my last Merc that the fit and finish of the 3 series estate is a bit naff. The exterior finish is good, the engine is great, the interior is a bit poor.


Because, as I said to you at the time, you have to spec them up.


Calm down.


Oi! That’s my line! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Estate… nuff said… lol


The woof has to fit somewhere and I have 5 adult children, two of which need transporting places like University.


Love mine. Best car I’ve owned by a mile. Which may not be saying much, lol.



+1 :+1:


The adaptive headlights are powered by black magic or something. Very impressive.


I used to have one of these;


And you moan about BMW quality? :dizzy_face: :smiley:


We had it 13 years, never let us down and stayed in one piece after 160K miles. The only thing that went wrong was the fuel pipe leak. Not bad having 5 kids in it every day with their mates (seats 8). The only issue was the fuel consumption, about 23 to the gallon in town. Not one electrical or mechanical problem.I can’t say that with my 2 3/4 year old BMW with 125K miles on it.


Apart from the anecdotal nature of this (sample size of 1 etc), I’m not sure 13 years of 10k miles per annum vs 3 years of 40k miles per annum is necessairly a fair test.


Indeed, but the Toyota was very reliable and actually more comfortable, although a bus.


On the one off anecdote, I once had a Camry as a company car, and it would stall about half a second after you touched the accelerator… As it was an auto, it would leave me stranded half way across junctions, as you had to put it into Park to restart it!

They could never fix it, as it did it randomly, but it was the most dangerous vehicle I ever drove, and never again would I drive another Toyota!


The 992 cometh…