Pork scratchings


Some versions will be apparently…


Looks cool. I like the full width light on the back - harks back to the old school 911’s with full width reflector


Yes, a bit like the 996 C4S :+1:


Just had to order a new headlamp washer nozzle for the princely sum of £56. Stupid thing flew off on the motorway - Apparently they don’t like cold weather and will eject themselves if the nozzle is frozen, due to the pressure. Stupid design, just like BMW’s, which do the same thing. FFS.


Rather surprised you didn’t just go take one off another porker


Maybe that’s the Cheshire way but we’re a bit more civilised down here. :grimacing:


You are talking about Luton here :laughing:





It’s not all roses down Luton way though Pete. Take a look at this article from the world-renowned ‘Dunstable Today’…


That’s probably the cheapest bit on the car, so at least you’re warned… lol.


For 56 squid, you’d expect them to be heated!


errr no, not unless you have specced the Porsche Headlamp Washer plus package…




Just a quick reminder if anyone’s free this Sunday morning… :sunglasses:


23rd is tomorrow (Thursday) :nerd:


Doh, yes thanks it’s the 26th, you get a free bacon sarnie if you turn up, for your eagle eyes!

Here’s the details…

Breakfast Meet
A reminder we’re meeting for brekkie on the 26th Feb at The Fairmile Pub, Portsmouth Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 1BW


Plan is to meet at 9:00am, have some food food and some chat.

Trip to Mercedes Benz World
Those who want to can then convoy to Mercedes Benz World, likely leaving the Fairmile sometime around 10:00 am ish, depending on the chat.

MB World opens at 11:00 am on a Sunday so that’s plenty of time to get lost, get there, get parked and so on.

Brooklands Dr, Weybridge KT13 0SL

Optional - Mercedes Benz Driving Experience
For those who want to do one of the Driving Experience options don’t forget to book Very Happy


But that is optional and Mercedes Benz World will be enough for some people Thumb

Here’s the rogues gallery of attendees so far. If you’re new or unfamiliar with anyone on the list please don’t be put off as all are made welcome Thumb

Similarly if you just want to come for the brekkie, chat but not MB World / Experience that’s okay too Grin

  1. New997buyer (formerly known as New996buyer but always known as Paul)
  2. MJA911 (Michael)
  3. Pickse (Steve)
  4. Graemep
  5. FRP (Faried)
  6. KMA880 (Kashif) tentative and most likely in a VW or Merc
  7. Mr Pub (Chris)
  8. s2000db (Dana)
  9. AdeD (Adrian) I’ll be joining for the meet and drive to Brooklands but i’m on another visit to Goodwood that day also.
  10. JRS (James)
  11. Sid Spanner (aka, er, Sid!)
  12. 911tom (911 - tom) hopefully I’ll be in the 911!
  13. LoFi (Pies)
  14. Spiderlane (Peter Parker)

Oh and I’m rubbish at directions so a volunteer to lead the convoy on the day will be required thumbsup


Plenty of Pork out this morning!


One of these days I’ll be on a day I can make!


Well there’s Simply Porsche at Beaulieu on June 4th for your diary… :wink: