Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


England’s much vaunted strength in depth is looking pretty average.
They are really missing the boys on the injury list.


I suppose that is what you call ‘winning ugly’.
Still winning when you aren’t playing well is the mark of a good team, but they really need those guys back from the injury list.


I am a bit pissed off that ITV and Eddy Jones read my post before the after match interviews


It was a horrible game to watch. I ended up more interested in just the win, rather than trying to find something to enjoy.

As Kev says (in the original version) an ugly win, but I’ll take that, we must get a LOT better though!


The Scotland game was much more enjoyable, a real thriller. While England’s was just as close, and involved the team I support, I was less bothered by it, oddly.


Sergio Parisse. Words fail me, he’s such an amazing player and captain.


Freezing my ass off at Wales U20 vs England U20 in Conway, It’s bloody cold and the Welsh are singing.


CJ Stander just booked his seat on the Lions flight.


Yeah he had an excellent game


England playing with zero invention, just relying on one out and defense.


Wales are looking very dangerous. I can see England losing this one.


Wales looking pretty one dimensional too, 20 phases of two yard runs and wait for the penalty.
Very poor kick off return by England


Great score by Daly, pleased for him after the sending off against Argentina


I think we have just got out of jail there. I thought we had thrown it away when Wales stole the ball. Fantastic try.



The confidence of winning game after game and probably the best bench in the 6N just turned it for them.


Adequate game


We need to be far less static off the ruck.

And use width faster.


I’m still trying to process it. The turnovers were a disaster, for sure. And I think that tactically we should have done some of the boring shit keep it in the forwards stuff more, as we were effective at that, but as a spectator I’m glad we didn’t!

Generally I think that we created fairly poor ball, and didn’t use what we had well. But the defence was outstanding.


Wales blew it rather than England winning it. Wales were the better team for 2/3 of the match.

England looked much better with George, Haskell and Te’o on the pitch.


While I don’t disagree, I think that the England defence needs to be given a lot of credit