Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I’ve got a NAD 3020B here and some Conniston R’s (on loan from Spider I should add) great little speakers.


Bigly fugly but sounding lovely.


Always have speakers bigger than your telly,tis the law.


What drivers are in the Lockwood’s?



It’s puzzling how a 40" tv can look so much smaller in the photos.


They’re 15" Monitor Golds with the original crossovers which have just been recapped by Paul Coupe.


How do they sound?


I’m struggling not to gush so I’ll just say they sound like they’re going to be here till I die. They do everything I want from a set of speakers.

I loved the Berkeleys so these were a safe bet - better drivers in bigger cabs. I had high expectations and to be honest they’ve been exceeded.

Anyway, short of an RCM and possibly a regenerator, that’s the system complete. I’m stopping here.


That’s great to hear.

An RCM is a must have, spend the regenerator money on more music, far better use :slight_smile:


Thanks Mike. I’m sure you’re right about the regenerator but I need to find out for myself. Once the bank account has recharged I’ll look out for an RCM. Then if a second hand AG1500 appears I figure I can try it and if it doesn’t work out I should be able to move it on.


Fair enough Paul.

Enjoy :grinning:


Always liked those Luxmans, which one is it that you’ve got?


It’s the L-590ax.


Has anyone compared Lockwoods to GRFs?


I can see why, I preferred the Lockwoods to all the Tannoy enclosures excluding the corner GRF and Autographs.
A record cleaning machine trumps most kit upgrades IMHO -


Yes, there’s not much in it with the rectangular GRF, The Corner GRF’s were a rather different beast. I had a lovely meeting with an old Tannoy engineer who also pointed out the very best 15" cones were selected for the GRF’s and Autographs only - x1 set out of 20 were deemed appropriate apparently.


Thanks Matthew. An RCM is definitely coming soon. A friend has a pair of Autographs that he doesn’t use. They’re currently on loan to a closer friend than me. :smiley:

I’d love to hear them one day.


This weekends system.:clown_face:


What do you think of the Gato Paul? ( clocked the 'Bay ad ! ).


It’s my brother in laws Gato - I’m selling it on his behalf so I am just using it while I wait for the ebay auction to finish.:smiley:

It’s a gorgeous bit of kit with a very clean neutral sound - maybe a touch lacking in slam compared to the best.