Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


I have a BK 200FF and I am really happy with it in my bedroom system, does what it say’s on the tin. Not as deep or fast as a top M&K or Velodyne, but loads cheaper.


Its the question of relative speed that stops me. My speakers are fast (big manifold horns) I have seriouse doubts subs in my price range will keep up, esp in my room as its quite big and can boom.


The best one I have found so far is the M&K MX350, quicker than my MX5000, but less powerful. I found the Rel ones slow. I liked the Velodyne DD12 and DD15, they are fairly quick also.

The M&K 350 is difficult to find in decent nick, expect to pay around £350 - 500 depending on condition.

I use M&K because they are relatively quick, pretty much unbreakable, go fucking loud and deep, with quite a bit of flexibility on settings.


Turntable paid for with collection on Friday :sunglasses:

I’m a bit nervous about transporting it from Kent to Newcastle but hopefully it’ll go ok. No tonearm yet.


Is this from Bromley?


Always wanted to try one of these Basis Debut Gold Standard TTs. I was just outbid when the seller bought it on eBay a few years back.


Yeah, bought from ebay.


I bought a stand from him a while back.

Genuine seller, he has owned this from new. You wil be chuffed.


…and his back garden looks nearly as nice as yours! :+1:


He had it on hifi for sale for a lot more, I should have made a silly offer.

Downsizing his kit, moving to smaller place for retirement.

When are you retiring Jim :smiley:


Great news :+1: Exchanged a couple of messages already and they seem nice. He rates it highly and I was considering the Palmer on Icon Audio website but for a little bit more I thought this was a good deal. It’s 331/3 only but I’m trying to get a 45 rpm pulley for it :crossed_fingers:


Proper job, that. :+1:


Very nice,just take everything off that you can,and a few duvets in the boot.


Only thing is there’s a viscous damping gel in each tower that can leak if it’s at an angle over 5 degrees or so. So really need to keep it level and I’m not sure how level it is in the car, as it’s basically folded down seats. Will work it out somehow.


Can any of the gel be removed for the journey?


Doesn’t seem to be the case, not sure though.


Do the tops unscrew for the gel?


The tops are used for height adjustment I think and I believe the gel is right in the bottom but not accessed via the top. I’m making assumptions here though.


Have a look for a manual / service manual.


Was going to suggest ptfe tape for the thread if it was at the top.

Maybe take bits of foam/polystyene to get it as level as possible.