Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


That is seriously sad.:open_mouth:


Could you not just put some bluetac under the Shaktis?


That is a lucky bag of gold dust - you must of had a visit from



Of course not. The bluetac will block the quantums :roll_eyes:


On the other hand it excites the quarks…



People need to use these as well.

I know I do.


Buy quick! only 1 left


Could you do a bit of a paint job to make them look more like eyeballs on spikes? That would fucking rock.


A huge marketing fail. If they re-launch it mentioning quantum tunnelling, enhanced inter transient silence and other science-y sounding attributes the audiophiles would lap it up. It could be marketed as a CD Lens treatment, a stylus polisher or be sold in spray form for dressing one’s cable loom. Of course they’d need to raise the price by a factor of perhaps 50, but sales would then soar. Sometimes I despair of these amateurs.


Well there you go then Guy. Buy a hundred bottles, do the testing (i.e. get Mrs Johnson to shout through from the kitchen that you’ll have to turn the system down because these carrots will never get peeled while she’s in the ecstatic state that the gloop’s brought on) then sit back and rake the cash in. Of course you can’t sell the stuff as it is - people will quickly twig that it’s cheaper bought direct from the fairy folk. No, you’ll have to ‘treat’ it. I suggest you wee in it a bit (sorry ‘just the right amount’) and then leave the result overnight in the freezer compartment of your beer fridge. That should do the trick.




It must be the chakras aligning. I saw this place today, and thought of Bob, naturally thinking he’d be interested in a place to find out about the latest developments in foo…

And I come back to find the thread has developed into a snake oil fest!!!


Just popped a lightly used Goldring 2200 onto the Aiwa 2600. Sounds quite nice.


Modwright KWI 200 amp, sounds bloody good with the Primes


Wish my room was a tenth that tidy!


Nice amp, heard one with Snell A speakers quite a few times.


I have tried that amp with my speakers (same drivers as your Primes) and it was superb, not heard better. Just a shame it is so big and rather spendy.


It is huge, it’s hanging over the front and back of the rack with the feet only on the shelf by a few mm.


Very nice!
I still think your speakers are too far apart in that room :grin: