Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Anyone ever used one of these ?
Audio Technica AT 637 ?

Reading up there seems to be a lot of praise for the device but some lack of clarity on whether to use fluid…
alcohol can counter the glue used on some diamonds?


I used to have one, sold it before I knew it was a collectable, I’ve heard of people having their stylus’s come off due to the way it works, whether this is true or not I don’t know for sure, possible cause was the stylus wasn’t stuck on proper in the first place, who knows.

This company here make a modern version and say no fluid is needed.


I wouldn’t be putting either of those near my diamonds.


There did seem to be some stories. But far more attributable ones about people using them for years with no issues. Some owners having some serious kit…

Apparently the tooling broke so they ceased to be made and then digital killed off any urge to invest in a new production.


I just re read the home page and it does in fact use fluid, confusingly they have another product listed below but without a picture that doesn’t use fluid, I got the descriptions mixed up.


Just use a blob of blu tac. Those vibrating brushes are shit.



Was a little apprehensive about these as couldn’t really form an opinion amidst the noise in Munich.
Shouldn’t have worried.


Based on experience or guesswork?


They look nice.


Experience :roll_eyes:


They look great, whizzer cones rule👍


How about a aa quick review. Are they better than the 2-way model?


These are uncommonly tidy.


What’s their FR?


These are the speakers I like.


The book says 32-19200 but doesn’t specify how far down they are at the extremes. I’d guess -6dB. Sensitivity is 94 dB/W. They don’t have a crossover but they do have an Eq network across the whizzer to even out its response and that certainly seems to be working. No peakiness at all. Not quite as big sounding as the 2 way but enough for the size. Sodders got the 3 Way today. He should be in hospital by now if he’s brought them in by himself.


32 - 19200 Hz



Having had a really good pair of Lowthers, I spent a bit of time with whizzer cones. I don’t have a huge issue with them, but I’m not sure what is better about a mechanical crossover versus an electrical one.


Because all the speakers I listen too have them :grinning:
Never been really impressed with Lowthers though. Probably never heard them at their best, they seem to vary greatly depending on the application.


They are an interesting idea. When I met with Heco at Munich they had perhaps 8 or 9 different iterations of the whizzer cone on a table at the side of the room. Different profiles (straight sided, horn shaped), different sizes & with different domes at the back (flat, inverted or normal). All these changes were affecting the response they were getting from the whizzer, how low it would play, distortion etc & still they needed to Eq it a little to get the result they were after.