Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


i wasn’t aware it was a DAC90 all I know is it’s a old valve radio
We would be interested in getting it working again. If we had an idea on costs etc. Would it be expensive?


Picked this up cheap a couple of weeks ago,stilton jobbie one.
Only had a couple of years use.


Old iron and chip board. After much assistance from john (thank you john)


Also old iron from the good ol USA.

115W of Mosfet power amp.


Wahhabis they’ve arrived?

As you hoped?


Still a little way off from listening but the packaging / condition of the 2390’s is excellent - His measurements were straight too.
I will report back when noise happens


I expect noise within the hour


Awaiting the ‘curdsman’ for technical instruction / compassion, weight lifting and tea drinking


Currently trying @mmichbam’s Aleph monoblocks.


Bought these as spare parts for my pair and I suspect that I can get the cabs immaculate. Seeing as the tweeters are £250 each, bit of a bargain. Unfortunately the bass drivers are pretty much unobtainium, as they are modified Vifa units.

Sonus Faber Electa’s.


You’ll be needed a subwoofer with those, I imagine


do they weigh 68kg each or as a pair ? they certainly look the business


I use a BK 200 with my other pair for my bedroom system.


There should be a model number on the back panel. I’m guessing it’s a DAC90 or DAC90A It just looked familiar as I’ve been looking at one very similar for the last few weeks.
As to what’s involved in a restoration “it depends”. The DAC90 is a relatively simple radio, so there’s not that much to go wrong. It’s also, however, an AC/DC radio which has a live chassis and a dropper resistor that runs very hot indeed. Restoring it to working order as it was when it left the factory would still leave it some way behind modern standards of electrical safety. That may not be a problem if you’ll be using it under close supervision on an occasional basis. If it’ll be used for long periods of time, and especially in a household with kids, I personally would want to go further than this and improve its safety, which would be more involved.
This isn’t something I do for a living, I just restored this one radio as a favour and out of interest.



Hi kevin
Thanks for the info, perhaps in the interest of safety we’ll keep it as an ornament on the record shelves.
Cheers :+1:


You also might want to give some thought to the asbestos which was used to shield the heat from the dropper resistor. I have no knowledge of which sort of asbestos it was, or how much of a hazard it presents, but erring on the side of caution might be wise



Yes, good point. The dropper resistor surround can be easily unbolted from the chassis and removed leaving the rest of the set viable for restoration at some stage. I think I’d be inclined to do this if it were mine. The dropper resistor is pretty marginal in the “not catching fire” stakes, so I’d do something different with that in any case if restoring it.


“not catching fire” stakes

Not an NVA design then?


Yes, if you’re removing or disturbing the asbestos in that cartridge, you’ll need to take the usual precautions…:wink:


Ooo Errrr I need to have a careful think about whats best to do here. Having asbestos in the front room as an ornament doesn’t seem like a good idea.