Shiny brand new second hand things in my system today


Oi that’s my job, I’ll set the bloody union on you for that.


Bloody Trotskyites :rage:


Flaming cheek…




Indeed. It’s only marginal in the “not catching fire” stakes, rather than “but, it was the speaker’s fault”.:grin:


Got my Inca Tech back from my youngest daughter, so a 1980s system ensues

Systemdek II with a Linn Basik Plus and Cartridgeman Cart into the Inca Tech MM input and a pair of Heybrook HB2 (Mk1). Music flows.

Janet Kay 12" on the Systemdek.


Looking good Bob :slight_smile:


Have you ever thought that you could sell all that crap you collect and buy summat decent?


At least I listen to it :doughnut:


Which Cartridgeman cart, and do you rate them?


It’s an early one, not sure which one I assume the original one (as I didn’t get a box or papers with it). It’s at least 15 years old.

I like it quite a lot, not as good as a Koetsu or such, but for the money into a MM stage, super cart. It’s not fussy about arms (it works really well on the Systemdek II and Linn BasikPlus). I am not a fan of cheap Linn arms, but the combo seems good. I took it to Geoff’s (Oldius) bake-off a month or so ago and it worked really well into my Primare 928 pre/powers with his JBL L4312B, in fact it sounded like a much more expensive TT.


Cheers, I have to say I like the Inca Tech Claymore a lot, great amp for less than £200. I have used it with the JBL L112s and that is a nice combo.

It has spent the last 3 years powering some Bose 901 Mk2 speakers.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Looking at the site, it is the Musicmaker MkIII, mine is the same as the pic below;


I have a mk2 that looks exactly the same.


I think they have all looked like that since the first Music Maker version, although the silver wired one now has a different finish on the metallic areas. They seem quite spendy for (essentially) a mm cart, but Roy Gregory really seemed to like the ones he’s reviewed over the years - as did others. It’s good to hear a less commercially motivated view (call me a cynic, he was there to sell magazines…)


It’s probably the best MM cart I have owned, along with the Supex SM100E and Grace F9E. Certainly a step above things like K9, P77, Nagoaka MP500 etc…


It’s not mm, it’s moving iron, it’s a grado with a fancy diamond.


I know I have a few Grado’s too.


Just being pedantic, missed the :wink:

My only gripe with the MM, is the grado gold should be pretty close on most vinyl at a lot less money.

Main issue is certain platters and turntables can make them hum.