I’m not convinced that the consequences of these have been fully thought through. I agree they speed up check-in (although our GP still has a substantial queue for making appointments, dropping off samples, collecting prescriptions etc). But given that people with contagious diseases tend to visit GPs is it really wise to encourage everyone to rub their master forefingers over the same surface ? I take some care to use the antiseptic gel when I make a surgery visit, most importantly as the last thing I do before I leave !



Thinning the herd.


More medication. Now I’ll have 12 items on repeat prescription.


That’s your limit I reckon - the consultant may have also considered whether it would be kinder to have you put down.


That’s where the NHS could save a shitload of dosh - by better control over repeat prescriptions done by the local chemist.

Mine were transferred and our local chemist sends me a text to let me know they’re ready to collect. Should be every 8 weeks but they always send out the reminder a week early. After two years, I now have a reserve of about three month’s worth.

Multiply that over the whole country - it must be costing a fortune.


I much prefer to self medicate


Nice of him to think about us. :smile:


How true. The two places I’m currently working I have introduced a managed repeat system to avoid exactly the issue that you’ve described. The savings include -

  • Reduced wastage of un-used/ out of date meds
  • Reduction in number of items prescribed
  • Reduction in dispensing costs

Also there’s a safety benefit too allied to this.

The savings I’ve driven on just this one pharma issue alone (there are many others), are worth about 6% of the local CCG prescribing budget. So nationally we spend £16bn a year on drugs, and of this about £9bn is associated with GP prescribing (and probably 80% of this is on repeat). So if you scale it up nationally there’s something in the region of potentially £540m that could be saved.


I’ve given up on medical centres.
I just find it easier to walk around the corner from work to Harley St :+1:


Hmm. Was there this morning and never thought about that. :frowning_face:

Then again, I was about third through the door after they opened, and the other two didn’t look too unhealthy. :worried:


Beware. Charlatans practise there as easily as the well meaning and well educated. My MiL suffered at the

hands of a (charming) one for years.


I manage mine myself - I use an app, put in a request and it’s ready in a couple of days. No wastage.


Lou had a review of her (non working) pain med’s at Lerwick Hospital (Pain Clinic Dep’t) yesterday. Appointment was for 13:30. No delays, straight in 13:30 on the dot, 20 minute consultancy, alternative med’s prescribed and out by 13:50.

Well impressed.


There was an old lady, must have been 90, being examined near me. If grand old dames ever existed, she was one: entirely charming and polite, but direct to the point.

They were talking about cataract surgery for her, when she loudly butted in, “yes, I understand that, but it’s going to have to wait, they’re operating on my fanny next week”. And into the silence that followed, “there’s no point telling me much more, I won’t remember, I’m a bit worried about this fanny thing, you see?”

Later, as the porter wheeled her by, she was telling him how lovely and polite they were, and how understanding about her fanny.


A customer turned up yesterday with a pair of 211 push-pull monos that needed a check over. At one point I reached over them to plug something else into the mains. Unfortunately I didn’t reach high enough and I brushed one of the 211s with the underside of my arm. Here it is a couple of hours later with a pink impression of the top of the valve

Today it’s blistering :slightly_frowning_face:. Dammit.








I hope you didn’t break the valve. Those 211s are pricey



I don’t like the look of that chicken wing. I would return it to Tesco. Clearly past the sell by date.


It’s not easy photographing the outside of your own forearm, not that I’m encouraging anyone to submit pics of places even more difficult to reach …