Got man flu. Feels like I’m going to die of it. :sneezing_face:


And there’s 1200 volts inside them.



Jeez, 2 tarts in one night

It’s getting like Mr Kipling’s in here


I was teasing, but have a ‘Man the fuck up’ instead. It could have been something serious like a bee sting. That would have been extremely hurty and guaranteed to generate no sympathy at all.



I’ll tell you what hurts…being stung on you eyelid by a wasp…


You blinked first then?



Man up you wimp…


Says the man scared of fluffy little creepy crawlies…


Not big enough. Also it is just a picture.

Try having something that size leap out of a wardrobe at you and tell me you wouldn’t need a ‘safety wipe’ as a minimum.


I know. It’s no big deal. It’s just a burn. It’ll blister, weep for a bit, scab over and be gone. I haven’t been to a doctor, put anything on it, taken a pill, avoided a couple of hours chopping brambles this afternoon, even thought about it very much TBH. BUT IT IS A HI-FI RELATED HURT. When did you last see one of those on here :grin:?



I think the nearest thing was @Jim suffering a nasty friction burn while fishing and listening to Jimmy Young on Radio 2.


I like spiders. Used to have a red kneed tarantula as a pet when I was a kid, it was called Sammy.


Jeez man, we had a bat appear in the apartment on our US trip and they have sharp teeth and can carry rabies. I shooed it out. It was probably leaping out of the wardrobe away from you. Did you try saying ‘boo’ to it ?



Tiny. Not even the least bit terrifying. Needs to be the size of a yorkshire terrier or larger to impress.


Bats eh? No problem, I miss the Melbourne flying foxes. They were properly scary at night.

I nearly said boo, but was required to be elsewhere as a matter of urgency.


Well, my beagle, Toby, certainly wasn’t scared of Sammy. He ate her.


See, I told you it was tiny. Come back to me with some tales of mahoooosive arachnids not teeeny-weeeny pooch fodder things.



Just outside Bristol, yesterday…


To be fair she didn’t do any major jumping or anything too energetic really, just sort of prowling around.

Quite fancy another one, but there are 3 spiderphobic females in my house, plus a dog that will eat absolutely anything apart from celery, so I’m not allowed.


Looks like the office in the middle with hands on hips needs more than a safety wipe.

A spider that size would constitute an urban improval scheme in Brizzle surely? You’ll never see that under the Tories so: FAKE NEWS about the Bristol Spider.