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I’m just staggered that Farage has managed to slime his way into a young French woman’s affections. German wife, French mistress, the hypocritical cunt might campaign against European immigration but he doesn’t appear to mind shipping in foreign women as long as it is for his sexual gratification.



The clue was in the phrase “close friends”


V.I.Poo! Wtf! :dizzy_face:


I thought it was a spoof ad when I saw it yesterday. “Hides the smell of the Devil’s dumplings”.

Whatever next :rolling_eyes:


Yes me too… like some school kids cartoon… lol.


Didn’t get the audition for that ad then?


Just Esure afaik…




Mr MWS shouldn’t really be allowed to peruse articles such as that one. Who knows what might be unleashed?


I’m sure he will report back once he’s finished ‘manifesting’


I’ve had sex with some girls (yes a long time ago obviously officer) which I would describe as being magic - so now it appears unbeknownst to me at the time that they were using witchcraft on me?

Up with this sort of thing :thumbsup:


I have often hated this does not happen to me.


They put the curse of the eternal pale white legs on you…

it’s worked…:laughing:


It was worth it!





Has nobody put a bullet in Neil Horan yet ?


I didn’t know he was a thing already.


He’s quite the twat.