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This is true actually. Orcas are the apex predator to beat all apex predators - males are 20-25ft long, weigh upwards of 6 tons and can swim at 30 knots. I was taken to SeaWorld San Diego on a conference trip once and we saw one of the orcas there in a show. It was a seriously scary beast - very big and very fast and with teeth to match. And 6 tons makes quite a splash when the whole animal has leapt out of the water and then drops back in.



You clearly haven’t encountered some of the mice in office blocks in the City.


a sarcastic tone


We went whale watching while staying on Vancouver Island and saw a pod of five. The dorsal fins are huge! The skipper of the boat suggested we might want to stop leaning over the side of the boat to get a look as “these sorta dolphin’s ain’t the friendly type”…

Also saw humpbacks, and a sea lion bringing a huge halibut to the surface.


Incident in London unfolding;


Hopefully just a tragic accident.


I hope so too Bob, but somehow I doubt it’s a pissed up plumber or Amazon delivery driver asleep at the wheel.


Me to,but witness on sky now saying lots of shooting


Another report says 3 men came out of the van and attacked people with knives, FFS!


Sounds like a 2nd incident at Borough market


It’s also troubling to see how quickly gun lovin’ Americans & racists here all leap (on social media) at the first opportunity to further their agendas and lecture everyone else how we’re doing it wrong. Cnuts.

They don’t even know what’s happened yet.


Third incident in Vauxhall?


Absolutely horrific.


Lost for words really. Should have its own thread.


Where in Vauxhall? Vauxhall Cross would be very bad indeed…


Dunno, just watching Sky News


Glad my missus went to Birmingham for the weekend to watch Take That, and not to London. Shocking stuff.


Fucking scary and tragic. Just back from taking the kids out for food. We nearly went to London Bridge as its where the wife worked for years and we know the area very well. Luckily the kids wanted to go to a place on the Strand instead. Watching it on the news now and I feel sick