The shit that doesn't merit its own thread (the resurrection)


Maybe if you said you were going to post video of Scarlett Johansson lathering herself up, you might get people to help you.

As it is… :sleeping:


Feel silly now.


You tube


You do realise that is an insult in Scotland. :slight_smile:


Fuck off to Scotsland then


Ye ken he-haw fi a bulls fit.


This should send the bible nutjobs in America into an end of the world frenzy


Who will Donald blame for this impoverishment of daylight, Muslims, Mexicans, Comey or fake news ?


I’m going to be here

I’m a bit concerned that the ‘city’ of White House hasn’t informed those members of its community who aren’t on Facebook about the event though. August 21st is blank on their calendar

so there may be panic. It is good to see that they managed to organise a Beer Board Meeting on June 6th though.





… it’s still light-ish down here (June 22nd, 10pm). It must be the middle of the afternoon on Fetlar.



Sun just gone down, but still daylight


It’s a bit cloudy now, so not the best conditions to see the ‘simmer dim’ but hoping for a fine night in the next few days to enjoy the night.

My Dad arrived today for a couple of weeks, so I’m very lucky to be enjoying the summer light with ‘the old man’ in tow!


Had much Northern Lights action yet, Paul?


Not in the summer mate. Saw them last winter and the winter before, but it’s just too light to see anything between April and September


Might be some interesting recordings in here.


Fecking brilliant…


Moved all the Grenfell posts.


My Facebook timeline has been decimated.