Today I have mainly been


No distillation. Just spirit & fruit. Might take a batch and try adding sugar solution for a liqueur.


Very possibly. But since I may have been drinking for at least 8 hours by the time I came across it I’m afraid the details are pretty blurry now. I imagine it was wonderful.



We had plenty of this though


Booking my first holiday for 4 years - off to Corfu at the end of September :grin:. There is no wifi where we’re staying so you lot will not be getting regular updates on the state of the weather, beaches, food, drink, sunsets…


More decorating. I fucking hate cutting in!!


Working from home today, which is nice.


snap -


In North Derbyshire wrangling contract numbers with the Finance teams - could be a long day and a late finish :slightly_frowning_face:


Having bell end issues.

This morning, whilst still asleep in the shower, it would appear I have used some of my wife’s body scrub by mistake. It is the stuff with gravel in it.

Anyhoo, it has been leading me a merry dance all morning and even an emergency clean with a wonder-wipe has not eased the irritation.

On way home now to flush it all from Kojak’s roll neck.


Exfoliating the bishop is not recommended - it comes under the same heading as chilli massage




Oil spill on the m5 left Plymouth at 9:30 still havent got to bristol at 15:00 premium
Nap time forgone. Outrage abounds


Surely Mr MWS could find something useful to do with his hands whist stuck in a motorway traffic queue? :hushed:


4 Stages of traffic jams;

1- disappointment
2- frustration
3- resignation
4- pacifying wank


That would maybe account for why 303 is bogged down


Thought this was a reply to Ozzy’s point 4 at first…


on the shitter.


About to meet an old friend in the 'spoon. £2.95 for a pint of Thatchers. It is going to be messy.


Sounds like a top start to the weekend.


Lawyering and estate agenting in Worcester and Malvern.

Now heading back to That London.

Tomorrow it’s a mate’s 50th in sunny Bolton.

There may be some drinking.