Today I have mainly been




As Stu said.


Good idea, I don’t have to get up much before 11 when I ferry the minion to her climbing session. Could be a late one unless I fall asleep dribbling.


All of the above. You know you will anyway.


Leffe & Gin cocktail :cocktail:.


You’re either sick in the head, or inspired.


My local does a juniper flavoured beer called Gin Pit, it’s really nice.


Have you tried smearing toothpaste on it?


rock salt, pepper, crushed garlic and softened butter


Me too. It seems to be an aversion to goflistingism

Fixt for Twilight Sparkle :thumbsup:
Mostly scissors, definitely scissors


Talking of irritatating helmets… :slight_smile:


At West Ham’s ground watching,amongst other events, Mo Farah proving that he is Superman, an absolutely stunning race and an incredible performance by Sir Mo. The 100m QFs were pretty damn good as well with a great show from the British sprinters all making the semis. The only downers were the crowd booing Justin Gatlin (nob heads) and two false start disqualifications (always seems very harsh).


Meeting Rick Wakeman (again). Had a coffee with him for an hour (when I should have been working).
Fuckin’ funny as a fit.


Typical,most people take 5 minutes to have a coffee


Was he wearing a cape?


It was Oxford Circus during rush hour. Stupid boy :rolling_eyes:


Were you wearing a cape ?





I always wear a cape. I had one made to match my uniform :ok_hand:


He doesn’t like to draw too much attention to himself.