Today I have mainly been


Can’t have been much of a fucking rush if you were talking to old Wizardy Bollocks for a hour during the midst of it. I hope you weren’t blocking the platforms and inconveniencing the public with your progwitterings. I doubt either of you remains as slim as you were in the 70’s…(even allowing for flares, capes and mutton chops).





Tell me he still had the wizard’s hat though.



It was the usual chaotic Friday rush. But my position allows me to delegate some responsibility.
I simply said, “I’ll be back on station shortly”, and nobody questioned it :smile:

We mostly talked about when we met on the Isle of Man and got completely rat-arsed together.


I can see how you might blend in…




It does come out on special occasions :thumbsup:


Fucking name dropper.


I though the correct answer to any question about a Wizard’s hat was that he kept it in a box with his Wizard’s sleeve. Clearly I am mistaken.

Carry on.


did you give him a guided tour?


Nah, he offered him oral pleasure. :roll_eyes:


45 minute organ solo?


Wasn’t that their difficult follow-up album?


Fxt that for you :unamused:


Nope, that was ‘Use my bumhole, I am in awe of your cape’. A difficult album, but worth the persistence if you are tone deaf.


I hate you lot :rage:


Funny thing about Proggers and oral pleasure, the musicians give it to themselves for hours on end, and the fans have never get any :slightly_smiling_face:


In that case, I bow to your superior tone deafness, :wink:


Please to invite the cape lord to do platform announcements. Platform 4 for the central line service to narnia calling at mushroom haze, merlins squat, please change at twelve string indulgence for all stations to azguard.


Getting up early and making plum chutney. Might pop out to watch the pre-season game between Bristol and Harlequins if I I wake up in time. Mmmm, naps.