Today I have mainly been


Cleaning, fucking cleaning bathrooms. I really must get a cleaner.


It’s been really exciting this morning. I’ve been replacing a bath front panel.

FML :unamused:


Up extra early due to the yellow :angry:, did cooked breakfast for the family :fried_egg:, turned on the stereo, collapsed on the sofa…


Nap time…


A euphymism if ever there was. :slight_smile:


Simply place a Shakti stone onto the cistern and all the impurities will be eliminated



Ohhh you lucky barsteward, one of life’s true delight is night fishing for Barbel on a leafy stretch of river. My uncle had a garden that backed onto the Kenet, many a happy moment fishing for Barbel and Dace.


I managed to fill nine jars with my sticky plum chutney…


Oh god the Kennet :heart_eyes: I used to have a Reading And District Licence to fish there, was really fabulous.

Didn’t catch any last night btw but great to be out. :+1:




Will be going again, low levels meant little happening I think. Need some rain!


You need to get your arse over to Essex. I fancy some eels guv :drooling_face:


Sounds like the cry of a man at the moment of ecstasy !



Smoked eel - lush :heart_eyes:


Drinking siht loads at a wedding. :slight_smile:


Taking fruit of loin 1 for a trip on “the duck” . I’m still baffled weather the monotone distracted disinterested and down trodden “guide” was a comedy genius or barking mad?


They have those in Dublin for the Viking Splash tour. You get a tacky plastic viking helmet and are encouraged to sing Molly Malone by the tour guide/helmet-in-chief. The locals all hurl abuse at the tour guide. The nicest thing I’ve heard anybody shout was outside Trinity College when a pedestrian shouted ‘For feck’s sakes have you no shame, man?’ at the tour guide as he bellowed some crap at the poor bastards trapped in his DUKW. Hideous…


It’s been a while since I’ve had any. I won’t eat them unless they are decent and fresh. Nobody does them around here. But this is Oxfordshire, baby.


Eels are getting scarce. Used to be plentiful in English rivers but now not so much.