Today I have mainly been


Recuperating. I chaired 30-odd final appeals against termination of studies last week. This is always a difficult job, but it was more difficult this time around as my chemo and I are not agreeing with each other at the moment.

Today I have mainly been engaged in lateral thinking on the sofa while playing LPs and drinking gallons of tea. Very therapeutic.


Did you ever get your hot water sorted Olan?


That’s a personal question! Hopefully the moistness is a temporary issue.



Hope they soon get it better sorted for you Olan.


Thanks, it is just side effects. The current entertainment is fatigue (which is a lovely change from nausea or itching from head to foot). Unfortunately, when you say you are on chemo and are fatigued, all the Medicos think you are depressed. Very tedious explaining to them that I’m very far from depressed.

No fucking surrender to the yellow.


Meh !


I get the same thing: chronic fatigue and pain? You must be depressed. No, it’s chronic fatigue and pain. I might not be enjoying it, but I’m not giving in to it.


Too fucking right you don’t !




that’s a lot…I dealt with maybe 6 whilst the boss was away, and he probably dealt with the same number. My last one was last week, arguing against rounding in marks…


That is the spirit :grin:


Leave Bert alone :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


In your fat face @freefallrob


Who the fuck asked you Ernie (?). WTF ?


This is for the entire faculty for the year. Our other experienced chair retired so I got to do the vast bulk of them.


That’s the spirit chubby!



Meh !


Meh !


Would a Yer Maw be out of place here?


Unlikely :unamused: