Today I have mainly been


Meh !


I had to bite my lip quite a bit. It seems that ‘Do you feel like hurting/killing yourself?’ is a popular question to ask me at present. My answer is ‘No’ and I have managed to avoid adding ‘but I feel like murdering you’ to the more condescending people bothering me.


Why would i hurt myself, when you are doing a perfectly good job of that ? would be my answer to that.


I have toyed with ‘All the time, but I’m going to wait until I am in remission after my chemo and surgery to do it. Otherwise it won’t count’.


Enough of this shite…


Indeed :unamused:





Trying to work out why, how, and whether to build a Raspberry Pi3 to replace my laptop to stream the NAS and Spotify.

Hardware looks fine but the software doesn’t seem to relate to English in any way whatsoever. I used to use Unix a lot back in the 70’s so might give the grey sells a challenge and give it a go.


Watching the night time section of the Kirkby Lonsdale Motor Club classic rally in a forest section up near Torver, great fun. They wrang the fuck out of those old cars.


I’m sitting here writing minutes from a 3 hour meeting in Leeds last Monday :unamused:

My (Director) boss rang me on Friday at 4.30 pm asking why I hadn’t issued them yet :roll_eyes:

It’s cunting Sunday FFS!! :angry:


I assume your boss is now getting 99% of the actions from the meeting :wink:


Great idea :+1: I have an assistant/graduate PM (fresh out of uni this summer) who normally takes the minutes and I just proof/correct them, but he texted me last Monday morning just as I was setting out for Leeds to say that he couldn’t come because he wasn’t feeling well. (they obviously taught him well :stuck_out_tongue:)


Issue a set of action only minutes, a side of A4 tops. Tell your boss it’s the calligraphic equivalent of a stand up meeting and assume everyone at the meeting can remember the context, after all they, like him, are capable people. :slight_smile:


I remember having to take minutes at a particularly fractious meeting once when we all knew in advance that there was going to be trouble. The meeting occupied half of my morning, the other half of which was taken up by a trip to the dentist’s. I swear the dental appointment was the better part.



I can tell that you have an implicite understanding of how management works Bob :grinning:


Off to Bath for some spa ing with the missus, booked in for some middle eastern dinner afterwards, overnight then a trip to Southampton awaits.


Recovering from an early morning migraine.


You could always just get on with it and stop posting shite on here. Just saying like.


This is very true…oh wait :wink:


Oh yes, shit flows down, bonuses flow up :slight_smile:


Long walk around Battle Woods with the dogs and two of the grandchildren who I’ve taken to calling the Chuckle Brothers. This annoys their mother so I shall carry on with it.