Today I have mainly been


Journeying back from Brighton…not bad door (hotel) to door (home) 2.5 hours…taxi, train, tube, train, taxi.


Travelling. Up before 5:00 for the 7:00am flight to Barcelona. Meeting at 11:00 at the airport with colleagues from Australia (:roll_eyes:) then the 14:30 train to Valencia. A swim in the Med followed by a very light dinner. All in the name of work…:thinking:


View out my apartment window 5 minutes ago. Excuse the shit photo, it does no justice to how remarkably beautiful the Moon over the Med is.


Today I gave a talk at a conference. Then I went to the beach for the afternoon / early evening. After that was dinner

I love my job sometimes. I’m shattered after such a busy day.



Git !

Swap you for an office in darkest Bedford.


Walking off some of the excesses of Lopwell along the coastal path.


I used to love the academic conference scene in the summers. Got to see some lovely spots in Europe… Unfortunately, these days the best I get to see is HEFCE HQ in Bristol, or the BCS in London… Did get to go to a validation at Southend College on behalf of University of Essex


I am ‘external’ at some of the more tedious institutions in the UK and ROI which means I have been regularly soaked on my way to and from various train stations and Dublin airport in the last couple of weeks if it is any comfort.

I dislike my job quite a bit sometimes, although I am no longer involved in management crapology which has been a big inmprovement. REF strategy was the bane of my life for 5 years.


Sweating :disappointed_relieved:. What possessed me to go to Madrid in June when I could have stayed in Valencia on the beach?

I iz da twunt





This, WTF ??


Lovely looking beastie - a Cinnabar Moth maybe ?


Thought it was a moth with a prog cape


It’s an Alien; that’s what it is.


Was treated by a contractor to a posh day out today at Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park.

Posh folk.

Posh dining marquee

Posh grub (by Anton Mosimann) duck, sea bass and guards trifle.

Posh wine (well, sort of)

…even posh loos (perfect for the flabby corporate arse cheeks)

Posh game


Driving 7.5 hours from Valmontone to Scilla.
3 bottles of wine, spaghetti vongole and a decent spread of antipasti and it’s back to the hotel for a couple of beers and an early night.


Watching a lightning storm over Halkidiki…


Ah, I’m envious. By the time I finished in the public sector if a contractor tried to pay for anything costing more than a few pounds for me I was supposed to say no or, if that wasn’t possible, declare it to my management. I did benefit from a (very) few of the jollies that were laid on by contractors for Mrs VB though.



I’ve been feeling a bit shit mostly, probably a combination of overdoing it for the last week or so and a slight change of drugs. I managed a short walk today and a small amount of DIY before having to collapse on the sofa. Bah.