Today I have mainly been


Getting the garden tidied up, well some of it anyway. Knackered now.

Nice pint of Old Rosie’s cider, then a glass of wine with dinner on the deck at the back of the house while listening to radio 3. Lovely day, warm & sunny. Sun is still shining and will be for a good while yet. The long summer days are great.


The life o’ fuckin’ Reilly. :slight_smile:


I’m not sure. Too much beer and wine !



That has child-catcher written all over it. :frowning:


Lounging on the beach again. Leisurely lunch, splashing about in the Med. More lounging.


I liked this post by mistake, and clicked again in a hurry. I now find out you can remove likes. Gerrin. :slight_smile:


Indian giver…:smirk:


I’ve just done it again and have received the notification you can only do it a couple of times.


Waaaay too nice. He’s a cunt.

Yay! The evil twin is back :grin:


You live an exciting life :joy:


Evil twin?? More like Santa and little helper…


Jus cos you’re yellow, doesn’t stop you being banned…:angry:




Picking this up from Dorset;


Go ahead then, fritter away your outrageous wealth and flaunt your colour blindness in front of us via fantasy transportation.



No matter how much you customise it, it’ll never be an Astra…


It’s not the colour i’d have chosen if i’d have had a choice.


I’m guessing you would have astro-turfed it given half a chance.


I think it’s lovely.