Weird Food Combinations that Work...maybe. (We've moved on from Hot Cross Buns)


that is how it should work. But this

contains cider vinegar


You’re talking about the products of a man who believes in homeopathy and talking to plants to help them grow. His opinions on chutney can be safely ignored


true and way too high in sugar.

Personally I’d prefer some herbed (sprig or two of thyme) slowly caramelised onions addressed with a splash of balsamic vinegar.


addressed :slight_smile:




I wondered how long before someone took the bait :fishing_pole_and_fish:



Must be a Canada thing :thinking:

This thread really should be split.


I can certainly tell you “work” in academia… . . . . :open_mouth:


Posh Nosh.


Too much fucking time on his hands more like! :joy:


Whoops. Sorry :blush:


This thread has veered far to much for my liking

We need pics and reviews of HCBs


working hard here - others with more time on their hands can try my fine dining crumpet


You nearly got me with the anointed earlier :slight_smile:




That looks like it’s sailing close to that fine Cornish delicacy, the saffron cake.


2nd batch just out of the oven. Girls struggled piping the cross but otherwise they’re lush. Slightly pious but not too much. No glaze, HCBs should not be glazed like a sticky bun, and even vegan friendly if you substitute the SALTED butter for axel grease.


For all you toasted freaks


French cows butter on the left and Devon goat butter on the right, both SALTED. Surprised that the French butter melted quicker than the goat one, no contest taste wise, the goat butter is way ahead, so much more going on in the flavour department.


You silly billy