What albums have you bought lately?




Tis true to certain extent. However, if the music goes somewhere is that short time, all is well with the world.




You do know that the band get nothing from any sales of the SP3 back catalogue. It all goes into Gerald Palmer’s back pocket allegedly. They issued a ‘don’t buy it plea’ but Palmer’s lawyers had them take them all down from twitter and facebook.


Sh1t ! Nope, didn’t know that.

Can I give it back ?


Have a read of this thread.



That sucks. Palmer’s just a pimp !


I was tempted by the SP3 RSD stuff Olan, but bought the Sugar Copper Blue set, because of reasons and the Durutti Column album wasn’t in my local shop. Glad I didn’t now. Thanks for the info.


Yea, make me feel better why don’t you, you self-righteous tossers :slight_smile:

The only thing that makes it slightly better is that I also have the originals.

Cunts !


Don’t worry about it. The RSD stock isn’t sale or return, so he’s already been paid for it whether you bought it or not. You helped your local record shop out by buying it.

I’m disappointed because I only have Playing With Fire, and thought I’d be able to complete the set, but it does seem a bit unseemly now, having read Olans link.



Some Carmel albums I’ve been meaning ter get round to buying fer a while.




Ditto for this pair from Herbie Hancock. Al/Spacehopper told me I must get Sunlight some while back & “Feets don’t fail me” has been on my radar for a while too.



Finally a new band to listen too with this 'un. >>


I thought this live album should capture the essence of what they’about & be quite a good starting point. Seen them variously described as Punk jazz & ‘Riot Jazz’ & they’re a name that kept coming up in my searches for stuff by bands I already like.

I lent a mate some of my Hypnotic Brass Ensemble albums last week & had an excited call wanting me to order some albums for her so have also bought these for her. >>

Their Self titled first album



She now has a list she wants me investigate for her of bands in a similar vein inc Stumblebum, Riot Jazz Brass Band, Les Touffes Kretiennes, Brunk, Balkan Beat Box, Raya Brass Band & Zydepunk… Some of these were already on my radar & there certainly seems to be a fair lot of albums to check out here.

I’ve also suggested Moon Hooch to her as I think their stripped down angular ‘housey’ sound with raw junk yard beats may also appeal to her. From what little I’ve heard of them soo far I was kinda getting a strong Archie Shepp influence & they’ve been on my investigate further list fer a while now.

All t’ above albums on CD.


Just had a listen to this, fucking outstanding work. Quite bonkers too


Yeah, an interesting trio who seem to have a strong voice all of their own. They certainly seem to kick it out pretty fierce for just two saxes & a percussionist.


Just pre-ordered the 3LP release of OK Computer. Not a bad price either at £22.99



Cheers Nick, couldn’t resist the box set. OK Computer is my favourite album.

There is a 24bit download available


Slowdive’s new one should be on my doorstep imminently…


Theres a ltd edition 3 x blue vinyl from indie record stores.


God that is so tempting.
Lack of a cassette player being the only reason not to hit the “buy me now, resistance is futile” button.