What albums have you bought lately?



Some keepers from a collection in this week:


I’d keep every one of those


This is so very true. They look one of the finds I’d happily like to, er, find


Lovely - I have that Martha And The Vandellas album :sunglasses:


Rsd 12" single


Just received some RSD stuff here:
and this from 2013 still in original wrapping with stickers:



Tell him - the Exciters was my favourite record as a kid, nice little haul :+1:


me too as well on CD. I’ll get the vinyl later if I like it. Got tickets to see them in December at the O2 as well


The £350 14 disc special box set?


nup - that is mad




Received my Her Name Is Calla - Wave of Endorphines signed box set this morning. W00t.




Bought this nice bundle of Moon Hooch albums, their first three, last night.

Ultimate Digital Download Bundle [CUMH17-A45]

I had been about to order all three albums from separate sellers on CD, but this deal for all 3 as FLAC files wuz to good to pass on fer $20 USD. Nicer than waiting nine days to two weeks too, as only one of the sellers I planned to use was UK based. Always a nice thing to buy direct from an artist’s own site too, in my book.

Aha…nearly forgot to mention, it is £$20 for this bundle as MP3, there is a $2.50 extra surcharge to get em in FLAC.

This site also has bundle deals for the vinyl & CD albums, but unfortunately as these will be physical imports from the U.S. & being above the import VAT threshold, prolly not so attractive for UK based buyers.

There wuz a fair bit of meta data dicking around for me to do last night, to get everything to my satisfaction & have all t’ artwork showing correctly. I don’t purchase downloads too​ often, but generally find they often require more fiddling with than ripping CDs to get everything just soo.

I bought a couple more Carmel albums on CD too.



A bit of a purchase orgy on Bandcamp.

I’ve been meaning to buy this Dubmission release for ages, finally got around to it now

This one, on the other hand, only just came out

And finally the giant full-fat KMFDM compilation, as opposed to the single CD Wurst


Not bought but ‘acquired’ from the re-cycling centre this morning, a couple of nice condition box sets.


A few years ago I bought that Bach box for 99p from Oxfam. Oh, how times have changed. Saw one in Wallingford Oxfam a few weeks ago for £20 in much worse condition than mine. Thieving bar stewards.