What albums have you bought lately?


Not an album, but an EP


First play last night of this…



Been on regular rotation here. I’m very impressed by it.


Agreed. First play last night and will be on again as soon as I get home. :+1:



Record of the year contender


Good choice old boy!


@spacehopper Just got a copy👍


Nice one Paul :ok_hand:


OLTA 10th Anniversary, pre-order.


Vinnum Sabbathi - Fuzzonaut LP

Siinai - Olympic Games


Oops, wrong place


Collaboration of The Decemberists and Olivia Chaney. Fans of early Fairport fill your boots :+1:


Thanks, have bookmarked that for later.


Nice, reminds me of early Steeleye Span. Ordered, thanks.
Link to another track here https://www.theguardian.com/music/2017/jul/09/offa-rex-the-queen-of-hearts-review-olivia-chaney-the-decembrists
and it looks as if you can preview the whole album here: http://www.npr.org/2017/07/06/534316420/first-listen-offa-rex-the-queen-of-hearts


Bought a new copy of the London Grammar LP from a bricks and mortar about 100 miles away, have come to play it this evening and the fucker is properly dished :frowning:
Next time I’m going to open it in the shop there and then to check.


This works better than I had hoped. Olivia Chaney was captivating when I saw her live at Sidmouth a few years ago but I was slightly underwhelmed by her debut album. With this and The Kronos Quartet record Nonesuch are proving to be a good home for her.


Loving this - ordered. Thanks :slight_smile:



Feist - Pleasure
on vinyl


The Trunk Records blurb that sold it for me :yum:

This LP represents the first ever sound recordings from the archive of cult Dutch film director Frans Zwartjes. The sound is unlike anything you may have heard - dream-like, disjointed, disturbing, peculiar, sexy, unexpected and totally unique.

Frans Zwartjes is famous for his art-house films (look him up on YouTube). A Dutch underground auteur, his prolific output dates from 1968. A unique talent, Zwartjes produced, directed and edited his own films (his last work was in 1991), but more importantly he created and improvised the soundtracks too. Zwartjes is still alive today and his large body of work is only now being recognised by a wider, more international crowd, with screenings at the NFT and other important art-house cinemas across the world. The recordings on Tapes 1 were mixed directly from the Zwartjes soundtrack tape archive. They were assembled directly and in real time by Zwartjes archivist Stanley Schtinter.

The music, sound and speech have been put together as two long, seamless sequences; they are spooky, unsettling, peculiar, plugged-in, prescient and unlike any other soundtrack we have heard.

The wife snagged this off ebay for me as a pressie - needs a good clean but fingers crossed it’s ok as it looks an excellent album.

Nearly forgot a wee download from Trunk Records as well


Guess I got too drunk listening to Stardust Rituals…