What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?


Am going to move onto something very similar later on.




Not tried that one yet :tropical_drink:


Defo, dry as a …
And just the way I like it


I have a framed poster of this in my room:

I think he’s reversing the gin/vodka too…


Arbor super Yakima. 9.5% serious business



The bottle on the right. 2015 Cab Sauv. I didn’t get the rugger ball :rage:


Courtesy of @crimsondonkey

Really mate, when I said “free” I meant free. But greatly appreciated all the same. I owe you one.

Also, WTF is the stuff with berries floating in it? Whatever it is, it’s waiting until I get home for some decent liqueur glasses.


Absolutely my pleasure, appreciate your generosity.

The liqueur has calvados and some other fruit liquer mixed in. Hope you enjoy.


Sorry I can’t help myself sometimes…


Glassware should be another thread …


Definitely :+1:


Trying a new gin from my travels in Sussex

Pondering what to do (cocktail wise) with Cocoa Gin and my first batch of cold brew coffee




the cold brew coffee was damned nice this morning after its full overnight brewing…


It’ll be Griottes (usually Morello Cherries) steeped in Calvados - interesting…


I hadn’t heard of cold brewed coffee

There is a very hipster looking coffee shop here in Edinburgh specialising in it

I am curious now



I’d like to try their Nitro cooled coffee


Like a cafe freddo with added beard hairs :+1: