What alcoholic drink are you drinking right now?



It’s easy to make yourself - just brew overnight in cold water then filter. You need a fairly coarse grind.

I find it lacks a bit of the bite of hot coffee. Whether that is best for you is entirely up to you! I quite like the bite, and indeed I like the morning ritual of making coffee.


it does indeed lack the acidity or citrus profiles of espresso coffee. Which is fine for me as I go out of my way to buy low acid more chocolatey and spicy green bean for roasting. It does however make for an incredibly smooth cup of coffee.

we bought one of these

with a built in filter for quite a bit less than the Hario price.


Fuck off, you lot with your hipster coffee shite.

This is a thread about what alcohol is currently getting us wankered, not namby pamby cold coffee, ffs.

There’s a coffee thread here: Covfefe

Booze only here if you please.

Like this. Which is lovely, for lager.



And into glassware thread…



Tastes nicer from a can.


You can buy those in packs of 4 you know.


fuck off - I’m sipping it slowly to savour my one bottle


now Louise tells me she ordered one box of four cans so they replaced it with one bottle! she also tells she misread the substitution email… which I can’t argue with, since she was at home all day resting having had instruments shoved into her eyes at the Ophthalmology clinic this morning.

now on this



Just the right taste for tonight :grinning:



Trying to make my mind up.

For the glassware nerds, the old fashioned is a Stewart Hearn.


G&Ts made with…


nice - we have a small blue glass oval bowl that we were given as a wedding present




Have you tried filling it with scotch? :open_mouth: