Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


:thumbsup: fixt for credit where credit is due.



That’s some special shit.

Made my day that there are people that achingly thick still out there :thumbsup:


Just one teeny tiny flaw, she never actually said that.


What! You mean the papers are lying Bob? :fearful:


Well, they might be pushing the boundaries of interpretation a tad :slight_smile:


CP would probably feel like a tickle to this twat,


Strange,i just see her as a shit stirring cunt


Apparently there was applause and cheering when the announcement went round LBC. I doubt there will be a “Sorry you are leaving” card apart from


What is wrong with young boys that they are doing this to young girls?

It concerns me as parent with two daughters.


Going by that and other articles I would guess he is a psychopath and needs assessed and if necessary locked away in a mental hospital for the rest of his life


Whichever idiot thought this would be a helpful & constructive thing to do.


Some wanker who can’t use photoshop very well.


I have no idea what that is.


Just a clue


It’s a berm ?





It was put out by someone in the RAF prior to some anti IS bombing raid over (presumably) Iraq or Syria. It was circulated & reproduced online and in several newspapers


Got to be fake, there’s no way the RAF could spell Manchester correctly.


Zoom in, the pixelation around the lettering is a tad obvious.