Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Never pass up an opportunity to boast do you?! :laughing:


So…what you actually meant was…


I think he has a doctorate too :grin:


Now there you have the advantage over me …



I do, but I have no idea how I managed that…


Well unless you’ve been to medical school then usually you write a really long essay.


I learnt to drive in Darlington so shouting that at EVERY road user was part of the test and it even had to be be prefixed with “tits on a fish” so the locals would understand.


write? isn’t that something people did last century? stopped in the 1990s didn’t it?


Burned by the sun. Not a fucking chance of that up here. Not seen the bloody thing since the summer officially started. Between that and the DUP with their simple gurning joyful faces all over the telly I’m in a grumpy mood.


I made an assumption based on how old you look🙂


Yes, we’d “progressed” to moaning at Windows 3.0 running on a 286 by the time I did my final year project at University.


This is wrong. I did some maths and wrote a very short essay. Long dissertations are a thing of the past.


My eldest wrote 20,000-ish words in her PhD and she’s now a Dr.

Anyway, the b’stards who use our meeting rooms and them leave them trashed can have one.


In late 1980s/early 1990s I designed and built a multi core single chip processor (4 core) and ran some experiments using it to prove that multi core processors and the inherent parallelism in some code could be exploited to gain performance increases. I did complete the work in three years but it took me another 18 months to write up


It was nice and sunny in Bridge of Weir this afternoon old boy - good coffee and scone as well :sunglasses:


The cunt of an eBay seller I bought a LP off, it was supposed to be ‘mint’, yeah right all mint LPs have pops like popcorn and scratches with lots of finger prints all over them. Anyway, he doesn’t want it back and won’t refund, and refuses to tell me his new address (you sort of need this to return it), so here we go again with dispute management and eBay. It’s £25, but it’s the bloody principle now.


Fuck the principle it’s £25


Bridge of Weir looks almost continental there. :sunglasses:


It felt like it when I stopped for a well earned break after a wee 45 miler :thumbsup:


amazon… three messages, same order specifically for delivery today

  1. failed delivery
  2. we delivered the goods to the householder
  3. goods are still in transit we will deliver by the 16th June