Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Righto, lets start with this fucker who was very much in my mind given recent events in London:

You might have seen this utter thundercunt on “Hitler’s Henchmen” (check yr TV listings). Scum of the highest order, so vigorous cockpunching is the least he deserves.

Apologies for the meme which I found on the web. It is completely wrong. There were 73 Tory MPs who voted against the measure. The whole lot can all have a thundering boot to the bollocks. Here is some detail



I think his attitude to building standards takes a similar line to his thinking on environmental & product safety issues.


I’ve no time for Jacob Rees Mogg. He’s a fucking numpty but unfailingly polite. I can’t but appreciate good manners. Rare these days. Doesn’t make him less of a cunt.


His only purpose in govt is to filibuster bills but he’s been overtaken by another odious filibustering cunt.

Phillip Davies was the one who filibustered the landlords fit for habitation bill amongst others:

Free hospital car parking for carers
Making home fit for human habitation
First aid training for children in schools
Banning wild animal use in circuses
Reversing NHS privatisation progress


Other drivers, driving and having to leave the confines of my house in general.


Fuck! What happened?


Novice driver lost control on a bend and crossed into my lane.

No one hurt, so no worries, but could have been much worse.




Glad that all are OK, but what a pain.


Shit! Glad you’re all okay.

Hopefully your insurance will help you replace that with a roomy brown Volvo.


Bloody hell … a lucky escape there.

Will you be able to cnc something in oak to repair?


Company car/insurance. Roomy Volvos are a bit above my pay grade :smiley:


I hear the brown ones cost more too.


And they’re faster.

Glad you’re OK Edd


Shit that could have been very nasty indeed. Glad all are OK. Stuff is easy to replace, unlike people.


Fuck a duck, good to see you are ok.


Christ, they had a good go at that!



By “novice driver” I assume you mean teenage boy racing twat going too fast.


To be honest, its a bloody awful bend, it looked like he panicked, slammed on the brakes, thought he was ok and then had a tank slapper when he lifted off.

But yes pretty much, it happens, he has insurance, we walked away so whatever.