Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


As usual is is just marvelous in Tropical Liverpool, hence the name…




Do what? Are you living in 1984?


My work here is done :joy:


lets hope it lasts a while - I’ll be in Cartmel in early Sept…


I should be there then too.

Stick Toffee Pudding :yum:


we are there for two nights (2nd and 3rd Sept) - 2nd is my birthday so we are eating at L’Enclume


L’Enclume is lovely. It is a very lengthy meal, so kick back and enjoy it!


it’ll be the second time we have been - we like Simon Rogan’s cooking, and have been to his London restaurant a couple of times. We also went to his pop-up “Roganic” that he had in Marylebone, where we spent a lot of time with him.


Just checked, it will be the end of August when we will go for the race meeting. We have a static caravan just outside Ambleside.


CP to me for nearly causing a china syndrome.

Left the sugden switched on last night, only noticed when I got home and couldn’t work out why the lounge is 30c with a distinct smell of hot wood.


Microsoft can have one; installing Office on two new laptops for a client. Both versions grabbed the same license key from his Office Account, then the second one obviously failed to verify. The kicker being that it requires a complete reinstall of Office to change the license key, which is seriously fucking annoying on such a slow internet connection.


Why use Microsoft Office? There are plenty of free alternatives or much lower cost alternatives.


It’s down to compatibility. The free alternative advertise compatibility, but it’s all too easy to break it with a simple Word or Powerpoint doc.


A. It’s not my software / purchase.
B. Every single one of the alternatives I’ve tried has been utter shite by comparison.

Let’s just say that the person I am doing this work for wouldn’t notice the cost of a couple of Office licenses either.


I deserve one for absentmindedly creating a mini crop circle in our new lawn with a hot BBQ lid.


To be fair, MS Office is certainly shite. They regularly fuck up the user interface and hide useful things. I now find it neither fish nor fowl: it’s loathsome if you are an advanced user or if you are a basic user, whereas open office is OK to use if you are basic user (and insufficiently powerful for advanced users)


Nothing seems to have moved on since Office 2003 apart from, as you say, it’s harder to find stuff in the menus.


A bit like Windows 10?


Im fine with Windows 10 as long as the programs I want appear at the top of then start menu. Christ knows where stuff is otherwise.